Lunchtime Adventures

Lunchtime is my favorite – the other meals slip around too much, don’t happen at a set time, and usually sneak up on me when I’m doing something interesting and fun. Ron has a hard time understanding how I feel about supper – it’s his favorite meal. It’s the big meal, the one to fill you up for a long night of sleeping.

Oh, but lunchtime! That’s when I’ve got time to think and plan a meal, and do a little experimenting.

Today, I’d planned to make tuna salad for sandwiches, but our younger son hates tuna, so I had to be a little innovative. As I wondered what to serve with sandwiches, I considered what I could do with potatoes. In the end, I baked three large potatoes, then scooped them out and saved the innards. I mixed the tuna with the potato innards and salad dressing. I boiled some eggs and chopped one up and added it to the tuna mixture for a little textural interest. The tuna-tater-egg mixture then went into the potato boats, piled high. I put the tuna taters on plates with deviled eggs, pickles and a little cheese.

It made a surprisingly pretty presentation, especially after I sprinkled chopped chives on the tater/tuna boats, and red paprika on the eggs. The green of the pickles and the orange of the cheese brought a summery mix of color. The taste was yummy, and I called it a success.

Our son called it horrible and fed it to the cats. Turns out, he hates baked potatoes as much as he hates tuna. And it turns out that cats loved them both.

It was still a success for me, though. It was a light, nutritious meal that was quick and easy to fix, and fueled me up for an afternoon of writing. I suggested our son consider making his own meals every once in while if he doesn’t like mine. After all, tuna-boats are fair play, no?


One thought on “Lunchtime Adventures

  1. At least you tried, Susan … Tuna and potato salad sounds interesting … I’m still suffering from a cheeseburger I had the gall to eat last night … Behlor

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